Monday, July 20, 2009

The Dogfish

I have a MySpace page, and before you begin harping on me for being too old for MySpace, I mainly use it to play games and keep in touch with friends I otherwise would lose track of.

The other day, I received a message in my inbox, out of the blue, from someone I didn't know. I checked out his profile. Reasonably good looking, close to my age, lives within half an hour. What the hell?

We strike up a nice conversation. Talking about work and family and pets. I commented that I was living with three dogs, two females and a male. He proceeded to ask lots of questions about them. In my head, I'm thinking, great, another dog lover like me. The only thing I like talking about more than my dogs, is my kids.

Talking with people on MySpace is not all that different from the chat rooms. The conversations tend to follow the same branches. So a change of subject to a sexual undertone was not unexpected. The topic of the conversation was. Here is an actual excerpt from the conversation.

Him: i suppose you know what a dog's knot is? :)

Me: unless you're referring to some strange obscure sailor's thing, yeah. i know what it is.

Him: a sailor thing. lol nice. cant say i was referring to that. suppose you know a bit about it?

Me: a bit. why?

Him: kinda a fetish thing really...hoping that's okay? could be interesting if we were to talk more about it.

Me (trying very hard to be diplomatic): i think everyone's got their weird turn ons. that one's not really my cup of tea though.

Him: nice...did you say you know much about beastiality?

At this point I stopped responding, and yet I find an email from him almost daily. I know I should probably block him, but this made for a hilarious story to share with my friends.

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