Monday, July 20, 2009

The Big Fish

I met the big fish on my first venture into the chat rooms. He was a 27 year old student living not far away. He asked for a pic, so I sent him one I didn't hate. I asked if he had one. He said he didn't have a pic, but did have a web cam. By this time I had already established my no standing up rule on the web cam, but he was agreeable to a headshot only. Not bad looking, tall, broad shoulders. Promising.
We had a fun conversation. Then, as with most chat room chats, the topic turned to sex. Before I go any further, it should be noted that it's been awhile. And a girl has her needs. And, as guys are prone to do (especially in chat rooms where you really can't check), he proceeded to tell me about his member. Naturally, claimed it was 10 inches and thick. Ok, now, not even I am gullible to fall for that. But, why ruin his fantasy.
We continued our nc-17 conversation and I guess he must have gotten the impression that I wasn't totally buying it. So once again he invited me to view his cam, to prove himself. Ok, fine. The rest of him wasn't repulsive, so how bad could it be? I fully admit I expected him to be average sized.
Then I looked at the cam. OHMYGOD!!!! Clutched in his big paw of a hand was the biggest you know what I have ever seen outside a porn movie. Not only was it long, but appeared to be as thick as my wrist.
Gave whole new meaning to the movie quote-"is it bigger than a baby's arm?"
P.S. The picture above reminds of him for some strange reason.

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