Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Let me just start by apologizing for my long absence. I have found having a...yes, I'm going to say it, boyfriend, has somewhat weaned me from my Internet addiction. Don't get me wrong, I still hop online, but having an actual, flesh and blood person to talk to, who is not related to me, is something of a novelty. And as we all know, novelty can become something of a focus in one's life. But not always in a bad way.

For one thing, the r.r.g.s. fish doesn't mind spending time with my family. In fact, he likes it. He talks to them, we all watch tv or movies, we eat dinner together. He's even asked my dad when they can take the jeep out or go fishing. I'm not exactly sure my parents know how to handle this. In all the years my shark and I were together, I'm not sure he said more than 20 words to either of my parents.

Another thing, r.r.g.s. fish is a snuggler. He likes to sit together, holds my hand when we're out or driving, follows me into the kitchen and wraps his arms around me while I cook. My shark and I had separate recliners with a table in between. The only thing that motivated him to cuddle dangled between his legs.

And probably most interesting, is r.r.g.s. fish wants to know what I'm thinking, how my day was. I occasionally find myself exaggerating anecdotes just so I have something interesting to tell him. Not that I lie, but I may occasionally add comments to a conversation or claim something that happened to someone else. I'm sorry, but my life just isn't that interesting.

But I'm going to branch out my blog a bit to include other things in my life. My angelfish, job, friends, family. Everyone who means the most to me will be fair game. Sorry guys. You know I love you.

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