Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's a Small Pond After All

I moved back to my home pond about a year ago after a decade in a pond far, far away. Long story short, I followed my Shark to bluer waters and when the marriage sank, I waded back home.

And a strange thing happened. As life as I knew it was falling apart, other pieces began to fall together.

Most of the best friends I've ever had I've had since high school. The kinds of friends who you can not talk to for months or even years, but when you do it's like no time has passed.

S, B, and P are like that. S and I have been besties since a car accident our junior year of high school left our brains fused. B, P, and I were always together throughout high school. These are my rocks. They keep me grounded and I know I can count on them at my back. But it was still a little surprising when they all, in their own ways, gave me back pieces of myself I hadn't even realized I'd lost.

But even more surprising, was the MySpace message I got about two weeks after I moved back. have you ever lost track of a dear friend and spent years looking for them to no avail? Someone who haunted your dreams, where you'd find them only to lose them again? Someone you finally gave up hope of ever finding again? T was that for me. And when I gave up, she found me. And even though we hadn't spoken in over 15 years, it was like no time has passed. We've gotten together and talk frequently. And this led me to getting in touch with her big bro, my first love.

But this is no the only time this happened. Merely the first. J was my best friend my first two years of high school. She contacted me soon after.

Then little A, my brother's best friend in high school, now a soldier in Iraq.

This led me to some searching of my own. Found my boyfriend from the first half of my senior year, P. And M, a boyfriend from sophomore year.

Most recently Z found me and T. Between us, we have 15 children. We hope to get together without the families first. World beware!

It just goes to show, sometimes you find what you've lost when you stop looking, somethings, you never really lose, and it's a small pond after all.

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